Elephant Havens – Part III – The Elephants


MmaMotse (means Haven)is the first elephant rescued by EH when just over one year old. She was orphaned because of suspected poaching. She is now almost five and is the matriarch of the group.

Lerumo (with Sandy)

Lerumo (means Bullet) is just over four,and female. She was rescued at 3 1/2 after being shot resulting in a gaping hole in her trunk. Nursed back to health she has become a very sweet baby girl.


Tsholofelo (means Hope) is just over four and male. He was rescued at 1 1/2 years due to drought conditions in Eretsha.


Bokamoso (means Future) is a one 1/2 year old female, rescued at 10 months. Boko is very feisty but loves contact with the handlers, and Debra for sure!


Mofalodi (means Survivor) is just over three and a male. He was rescued at 1 1/2, orphaned because his mother died of cyanobacteria in the panhandle of the Delta. He loves his milk and Bee’s thumb!


Sandy was named in honor of Alexander McCall Smith, the famous Scottish author. He is 2 /1/2 years old, rescued at 1 year when his mother was killed by humans. He was featured in the book called How to Raise an Elephant, a volume in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series.


Tshepiso (means Promise) is 3 1/2, rescued at 9 months after her mother was killed by humans. She was very traumatized for some time, probably because she had seen her mother killed. After MmaMotse weeks with her in the boma, and she has become quite relaxed and fond of oranges.


Bonolo (means Calm) has just turned five. She was rescued at age 2 1/2 when her mother was killed by poachers.She was born with just one tusk, apparently quite common. She is a calm, sweet girl.


Seloko (means Mud) is just over two, and was rescued at 1 1/2 when she became stuck in mud, and was abandoned by the herd. He has become very attached to his bottle, and hates to give it up.

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