Grand Teton in Winter

A few years ago we spent a week in the Jackson Hole area. While there I was fortunate to spend a day with Mike Jackson, a professional photographer and local guide. We had a lovely sunny winter day, with fresh snow everywhere. So we were fortunate to see some wildlife – bison, moose, otter and others – and to enjoy the many barns in the area. So here is a compilation of images from that day.


We have been to quite a few national parks. One of our favorite areas (will visit this summer) is Jackson Hole, with its’ pair of parks in Grand Teton and of course Yellowstone. Our last visit was in 2018 to fish with friends, and I thought I would post a few images of Yellowstone NP.

Grand Prismatic Spring
Yellowstone Lake
Old Faithful
Yellowstone River
Lamar Valley

Impression of Cuba – Heroes

So who did we here about most while in Cuba? The Castro’s?? Absolutely not. The talk, visions, advertising and so on all focused on Che Guevera and Ernest Hemingway! Interesting.


Che Museum in Santa Clara
Che Statue


House in Havana
His Boat
His Cats
Bust in Seaside Bar
Famous Floridita Bar in Havana