Elephant Havens – Part 2

The Property

The original site of the orphanage has tripled in size and includes a mud wallow and sand bathing area as well as plenty of browsing and grazing habitat. Local tribal authorities, land boards and communities have gifted Elephant Havens with 840 acres of additional land. This will be used for soft release of the elephants as they outgrow the nursery at age 4-5. They will then spend 5-9 years with little human contact before reintroduction into the Delta.

There are 13 enclosed boma area (enclosures), plus 2 bomas for the temporary quarantine of new elephants. We are currently raising 9 orphaned elephants, all under five years of age.

On-site the facilities include an elephant formula prep kitchen, laundry, laboratory, food and medical storage room, refrigeration for elephant medicines and formula, and a scale for weighing the elephants.

The site is fully fenced with an adult elephant-proof solar-powered electric fence, as specified by Botswana wildlife officials.

The guest reception area includes a kitchen, dining room, meeting room and bathroom, as well as a lovely expansive porch.

The staff village is home to 15 on-site staff members. The project requires satff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elephant Handlers

Onkobutse “Onks” Motamma
Akanyang “AK” Mosabata
Morulaganyi “Zooh” Reekae
Thusang “Tusca or Two” Zambo
Keleabetswe “Kay” Lesetedi
Ntshepang “NT” Forembi
Kentse “Kingsley” Difungu
Gobusamang “”Gee” Bayani
Eric Letsati
Annet Khata
Allan Setshwantsho

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