Bird Photography

Many photographers – including this one – like to photograph birds. I have a number of ways to do this, including through the back window toward my bird feeders, at the local Hamilton Greenbelt bird blind (excellently done by Friends of the Park) in Lakeway, bird walks at Westcave Preserve, and our beloved Botswana. But I recently visited two ranches near Uvalde, TX, which offer wonderful access to a wide variety of birds, and close up.

Transition Photo Ranch

This ranch is located near Bracketsville, TX, and was a 19, 000 acre sheep and goat ranch. It is located in the transition area between two great ecological regions of Texas, Texas Hill Country and South Texas brush country. Sandy and Leslee Hurwitz have transformed the ranch into a Photo Ranch, with the installation of four wells, ten game feeders, five blinds and miles of access roads and riding trails.

La Lomita Photography Ranch

This ranch, owned and operated by Pliny Mier and his partner Sandy Hurwitz, is a 240 acre property with loads of mesquites, shrubs, cactus and grass. This is home to over 125 species of birds, along with deer, bobcats, armadillo, rabbit,  squirrels and coyotes. The facility has several bird blinds set up to enable the capture of wonderful pictures of birds in their natural state.


Scrub Jay


Female Cardinal


Audobon’s Oriole


Green Jays


Cactus Wren


Male Cardinal


Black-throated Sparrow






Golden-fronted Woodpecker


White-crowned Sparrow





Rufus-crowned Sparrow

4 thoughts on “Bird Photography

  1. I didn’t realize that the La Lomita Photography Ranch was such a sacred property having its own rabbi Great pics

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