Ohio Pass Road

Ohio Pass road is probably the prettiest route from Crested Butte to Gunnison, although certainly not the fastest. The views are spectacular in wildflower season and in the fall when the aspens are turning. The route is 22.5 miles long and runs over Ohio Pass at a peak of 10,076′. About 1/3 to 1/2 the road is gravel, but passable for regular vehicles.

To take this route, head out of Crested Butte along Kebler Pass Road for about 7 miles. Watch for a left turn onto CR 730, or Ohio Pass Road. The peak is reached about two miles later. Parts of the road which flank Mt. Axell are gravel, narrow and shelf-like.

Views of the West Elk Mountains and eventually The Castles are quite rewarding. And the road passes through a substantial forest of aspens which is stunning in the fall. Eventually the road descends to the old town of Baldwin, established in 1881 during the gold rush. The focus ended up on coal in this area. The road, now paved, runs about 15 miles through the Ohio Creek valley by farms and ranches.

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