Impressions of Cuba – People

Eleven years ago, Karen and I visited Cuba for a week with about 15 people on a “charitable mission”. This was the only way to get there at that time. So we packed school supplies and medicines, and visited both a school and a hospital while in Havana. The rest of the time we were just tourists.

The visit was quite fascinating. Cuba is a lovely country scenically. We visited Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara by mini-bus with a wonderful guide Osmos and an equally wonderful and hilarious driver Fernando (who was a smaller Bruce Willis and knew it!).

Fernando and Osmos

Our initial lasting impressions were of the Cuban people, who were friendly, warm, and seemingly reasonably happy. At the same time there were elements of sadness – unable to travel, relatively poor, limited futures, economic struggles and so on. Many were working, some relaxing, others in costume. Music is very popular as well. Here are a series of images from the trip.

Hanging Out in Havana
Whiskered Man
Band in Restaurant
Food Stands in Trinidad
Lady in Trinidad
Street Band in Trinidad
Old Man with Rooster
Bar Patrons
Street on way to Santa Clara
Band at Resort
Life Observers
Tea Lady
Buddies in Bar

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