Iceland Part 5

We spent two nights at the Fosshotel in Lake Myvatn, dining there both evenings. Myvatn is a calm, shallow lake at the heart of a volatile volcanic area that sits squarely on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Nature’s violent masterpieces are everywhere: crazy colored mud pots, huge craters and jagged lava fields.. Most of the points of interest are linked by the lake’s looping road.

Morning View from Hotel

The classic tephra ring Hverfjall is an ancient and near symmetrical crater rising 452m and 1040m across. It is an awe-inspiring landmark in Myvatn.


Next is the giant lava field at Dimmuborgir (literally Dark Castles). A series of walking trails runs through the landscape, utilized for some scenes in Game of Thrones. This area was created by the flow of a lava lake over a marshy area some 2300 years ago.As the hot lava spilled over the marsh, the water began to boil and the rising vapors created the area’s distinct lava pillars.

In the area is Krafla, one of Iceland’s most interesting volcanoes. The caldera is located along a 90km fissure zone in the north. It erupted nine times between 1974 and 1984. The west side is an active geothermal area, rich with fumoroles and solfataras (mud springs).

There are numerous fascinating structures and vistas around the lake. Here are a few.

After our companions enjoyed a swim in the thermal baths, we lunched at an interesting spot called the Vogafjos Cowshead Cafe. The cafe sits with a nice view in one direction, and the cowshead against the opposite wall complete with a window. The food was excellent.

Overnight Stay

We spent a second night at The Fosshotel, and enjoyed another dinner there. After dinner we were treated to a brief view of the famous northern lights, our first and only view on the trip as many nights were cloudy. The first two images were shot by Karen on her cell phone.

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