Iceland Part Three

Our next morning began with more waterfalls, then a drive past Skaftafell and Vatnajokull National Park and then the spectacular Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach. We then stopped in Hofn for lunch at Kaffihornid, a local cafe with great soups and fish and chips – yes again! We had intended to continue north, but found that the road – among many in Iceland – had been closed because of rain, snow and especially high winds. So we had a slow afternoon resting at the local Hotel Jokull, followed by perhaps our best meal in Iceland at Otto Natur and Drykker.


This is Foss a Siou, a lovely waterfall draining from Lake Porutjorn. The rock formations are fairy talish in nature. This is located near Kirkjubaejark.


This waterfall translates to Sister’s Falls, named after the nuns, and is located within a small village., It is uniquely a double waterfall (picture borrowed).


After a drive we began to see a large mountain range, identifies as Skaftafell located within a very large national park. The primary glacier is known as Skaftafellsjokull. This area is a huge national recreational area, and is simply spectacular.


The next sight was the glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon, filled with large chunks of ice that had broken off the glacier. These floated around the lagoon, and eventually some floated into a short river, the Jokulsa, into the sea.

Diamond Beach

The icebergs are often blown back to the black sand beach by wind and tides, and form a spectacular vision of “diamonds” on the black sand.


On to Hofn and lunch. And learning of closed roads.

Overnight Stay

Hotel Jokull.

Hotel Jokull
Otto Matur &Strykkur
Otto Natur & Drykkur

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