La Maison Arabe

What better activity to take on next than a cooking school. So off we went to a three hour class at La Maison Arabe, a cooking school located within the riad of the same name.

We met with Alia Al Kasimi, a well-known author of Moroccan cookbooks. She explained the herbs that form the base of cooking in this country.

We then moved to the kitchen where Ouda, via a translator, began to teach us about Moroccan cooking. She began with preparation of the semolina-based dough used for Moroccan bread; the prepared dough was transferred to an nearby oven. We then began preparation of the ingredients for a chicken tagine, accompanied by a zaalook salad (cumin, ginger, tomato and aubergine) and a taktuka salad (green pepper and tomato).

When the dishes were prepared, we retired to a dining area to enjoy our meals.

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