Pangolin Photo

Our last stop (before returning to Elephant Havens) was an overnight visit to Pangolin Photo’s lodge in Kasane. Our plans were to participate in two safari boat adventures with Pangolin, one in the latter afternoon and the second early the next morning. In the meantime we enjoyed our overnight including dinner and breakfast with a small group of photographers and the Pangolin staff.

Botswana, Africa photo safari in Chobe

Our focus on both trips was to capture a few bird images, and to take images of a variety of wildlife. We happened to see several crocodiles eating a drowned cape buffalo so that became a real focus. here are a number of images taken by Karen and I.

One thought on “Pangolin Photo

  1. Great photographs. I am learning a lot about composition viewing your images.

    I am working steadily but still editing very early in the trip.

    Scott ________________________________


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