Botswana 2022

So now that COVID has at least diminished and travel seems safe enough, we continued our love for Botswana with a group trip originally planned for 2020. The trip took place in March of this year, with a group of eight – six had been with us on at least one prior trip. We began with a few days at Elephant Havens – more later. Then we spent four nights at three camps. These included Great Plains Conservation’s Selinda Camp in the Linyanti region, then Kwara Camp (Kwando Concession) in the Okavango Delta and finally Muchenje Camp on the Chobe River near Kasane.

Some of us finished with one night at Pangolin’s photo lodge in Kasana, and enjoyed a late afternoon photo trip on the Chobe River, followed by an early morning reprise. Both were on their well known photo boats, each outfitted with eight swivel chairs and gimbels for our cameras.

This Botswana series of blogs with start with Pangolin, and then each of the three safari camps. Those will feature the camps first, then images of the primary wildlife we experienced. Hope you enjoy the series. This may be interupted from time to time with other experiences. For example we about to embark on a two week tour of Morocco.

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