Pittsburgh Glass Center

If you have a little time to kill while in Pittsburgh a visit to the Pittsburgh Glass Center on Penn Avenue. This is a nonprofit, public access state-of-the-art glass studio dedicated to teaching, creating and promoting glass art. PGC was established by local artists in the 1990’s to create an innovative glass art center.  The center has a flame shop, a kiln shop, a cold shop and a hot shop. the hot shop houses two glass furnaces each holding 1000 pounds of molten glass. There are eight workstations each with a reheat station and a work bench. Visitors are welcome to sit in the workshop and watch the artists at work.


The Hodge Gallery presents critically acclaimed glass art exhibitions throughout the year. A wide range of work in glass is showcased. During our visit the exhibit featured works by Kelly O’Dell entitled All of the Suddens. Her focus was on endangered animals.



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